Art has the power to transform the home or the workplace.  It can reflect the taste and interests of an individual or family, or the diversity and history of a business.  Even a small art collection transforms an individual into a collector, or signals the vision and culture of an organization.  GAA navigates all aspects of the complex and sometimes daunting art trade for our clients, who range from novice buyers to seasoned collectors and invested organizations.  

GAA offers a fully comprehensive range of services to help individuals and corporations establish, diversify and maintain an art collection.  We provide expert, independent guidance on the acquisition and de-accession of artworks.  Enquiries are treated on a personal basis with tailor-made solutions provided to each individual client.  Through confidential, in-depth consultations, GAA will determine a client’s needs and draw out a strategy that can be immediate or long term.

As an independent advisory, GAA is most concerned with helping clients acquire intelligently and in adding value to their collections.