At the heart of GAA is an appreciation of art and a devotion to connoisseurship as well as a belief that a serious appreciation and extensive knowledge of many types of art is key to helping build a solid collection.  

While we focus on European and American contemporary, 19th Century, Impressionist, and Modern works, we also advise on contemporary art from the Middle East, India and China.

The Market

GAA regularly observes auction results, art fair activity, and private sales to determine broad art-market trends and focused analyses of different art sectors and artists.

Clients are motivated to purchase art for a variety of reasons. GAA takes care to consider the investment value of every purchase, large and small, and to maximise value in the acquisition or dispersal of artworks.

Locating Artworks & the process

Long term relationships with collectors, museums, and dealers have been key to GAA’s success in international sourcing and acquisitions.  

Significant experience at a major auction house has armed us with behind-the-scenes knowledge of the elaborate auction process.  Whether a client is buying or selling, GAA is able to facilitate this often daunting process.