• Developing new collections and expanding or editing existing ones
  • Judiciously sourcing works
  • Negotiating acquisitions on a client’s behalf
  • Determining attribution, authenticity, provenance and condition through thorough research
  • Representation and guidance at auctions and art fairs to ensure strategic transacting and client confidentiality

Collection Dispersal

  • Devising complete solutions for dispersing individual works or whole collections
  • Optimizing relationships with worldwide network of collectors to connect buyers with sellers, maximize value, and expedite the process
  • Selecting best method of sale: privately or through auction
  • Determining the most beneficial auction house marketing proposal and sale estimates


  • Managing all aspects of acquisitions, from shipping and installation to insurance and conservation
  • Overseeing museum loans on behalf of collectors
  • Revaluation in the future
  • Curating of private exhibitions